Training on types of child abuse to the staff of the HAWCA peace building center

Child abuse is one of the most important Issues that exist in Afghanistan. Unfortunately no major decision or initiative has been taken by the government in this regard. Everyday thousands of children throughout Afghanistan becomes victim of one or another form of child abuse. beating the children in schools, denial of education, force and early marriages, denial of proper food and cloths, denial of proper love by the parents, sexual abuse etc are some of the abuses that the Afghan children are facing every day. The main issue is that most of the people do not know “what Child abuse is” and so willingly or by mistake they become the culprit of child abuse.

To contribute in the elimination of child abuse and making the people aware of what child abuse is; HAWCA with the help of its donor “KNH” is working on preparing a child protection policy which after completion will be distributed to the partners, NGOs that work for the children and government authorities so that they could make use of it in their offices and work place.

The first step taken in this regard was providing training on types of child abuse that are happening in Afghanistan to the staff of the Peace Building Center in Ahmad Shah Baba Mina. The staff was very interested in the information given as they realized how child rights are being violated in schools and other places. HAWCA will continue its trainings on Child abuse to different sections of the society and will do its best to make it a practice to understand and implement the child rights in their homes, workplace and other places.